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Different drawings and documents about StoVentec
  • BIM Objects

    BIM elements

    With BIM - Building Information Modeling, you create a digital model that contains all relevant information for a product or a complete construction project. Unlike traditional 3D drawings, BIM objects also include parameters such as price, material type and consumption, volume, appearance and function.

    The BIM model visualizes design and functionality, predicts costs, avoids collisions and analyzes climate and performance. This gives you the best conditions to effectively calculate your project and save both time and money

    BIM Objects

  • System Description


    The system description describes the construction of the system and the output so that it can be added into a tender. Often, a system description must be specific for the project and Sto can help you with that. Standard system descriptions can be found here.

    System description

  • Application


    It is easy to become unsure about how to turn a certain list or which profile fits best. To help the applicator on their way to a successful outcome, an application guideline has been made where many questions are answered. The guideline is available here.

    Application guideline

  • Checklist


    In order to ensure a well-functioning facade solution in the long term, it is essential that our instructions are followed closely. Here you will find checklists that help the applicator to ensure that every work operation that the system requires is done correctly


  • Maintenance


    To extend the service life and maintain the appealing aesthetic appearance of the facade, a proper maintenance of the facade is important. To provide the best possibilities for optimal maintenance, Sto has made a maintenance guideline which can be found here.

    Maintenance guideline